GRADE- 7.43 (2nd)

HGT: 6'2 / WGT: 216 / HAND: 9 1/2 / ARM: 33 1/8

The Player:  Jackson won the Heisman Trophy his sophomore season.  Led Louisville to another Bowl in 2017, while finishing third in Heisman voting.  Jackson has passed for 9,043 yards with 69 touchdowns and 27 interceptions while at Louisville.  He also ran for a total of 4,132 yards and 50 rushing touchdowns. 

Strengths:  Tremendous athlete.  Excellent runner with the ball.  Throws with zip.  Has developed patience in the pocket.  Good at processing information quickly.  Much improved field vision.  Escapes pressure with ease.  Strong runner that doesn't go down easy.  Keeps feet in position to make throws quickly.  Recognizes blitzes and identifies matchups.  Can outrun defenders to the edge.  Elusiveness and quickness of a running back. 

Weaknesses: Inconsistent footwork causes him to have periods of inaccuracy.    Struggles with control on his touch passes.  Tends to miss high increasing interception risk.  Inconsistent at selecting the right matchup in coverage to attack.  Has never completed more than 60% of his passes. 

Big Picture: Jackson is a phenomenal athlete who is suited to play quarterback.  Has a high ceiling, but also has a low floor.  There is no doubt Jackson has the talent to play the position on the pro level.  The question is the consistency.  His ability to make plays with his legs never fails to impress.  He has improved his pocket presence and awareness.  Jackson threw for over 3500 yards and ran for 1500 yards in consecutive seasons.  Intermediate and deep accuracy are inconsistent.  Misses high which is high risk for turnovers.  Must improve his footwork.  Doesn't always follow through with his feet and hips on throws causing the ball to sail.  This happens outside the pocket on occasion.  This plagued him in the bowl game against Mississippi State where he threw 4 interceptions.  Character is not a concern.  Leader in the locker room with no real off the field incidents.  Will need an offense that can utilize his movement early until he can settle his feet consistently.  Must improve his reads and consistently look off defenders.  Jackson is a player you draft and work him as much as you can to improve him on the field and in the meeting room.  He shows the capacity to handle adjustments at the line of scrimmage.  Must trust his teammates and utilize them more instead of relying on his legs to always get him out of trouble.